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Business cards

VISA Business Revolving



- Simple and secure payment of expenses in your company, all over the world, without commission - Improving the cash flow of your company - Possibility for many cards in your company - Minimum monthly payment 5%, credit limit max. 600.000 MKD - Daily limit max. 250.000 MKD - First issuing 3 years - Grace period till 15th next month - Simple following the changes on your account by using the e-banking service - 24 hours customer support, all over the world.

Target group

·       Legal entities, clients of TTK Bank. By exception, TTK Bank will offer Visa Business revolving credit card to legal entities that are not clients in TTK Bank but are clients in other bank, that according to the credit politic of the Bank does not fulfill the conditions, unless they put deposit in the Bank, that is 10% bigger from the credit limit of the card.

·       Users can be also individual authorized by the legal entities.


·       MKD/EUR


·       The credit limit depends from the credit ability of the clients, but not more than 600.000 mkd.


·       First issuing – 3 years

·       Reissuing3 years


·       Daily limit is 250.000 mkd in ATM also.

·       Grace period 15 days.

·       For payments that will be paid after the agreed limit, the Bank charges legal default rate, after 15th next month until the full payment.

·       Minimum monthly payment 5% until 15th next month.


·       Frame credit

·       Bill of exchange from 500 mkd, certified by the notary public and filled in Statement of  bill of exchange

·       Confirmation for usage of PP 30 for transactions

·       Deposit

·       Other collateral acceptable for the Bank

Documents required

·       Filled in and signed in application of issue and use of card

·       Turnover on the giro-account for the last 6 months

·       Final statement for the last two years

·       Final account for the current year

·       Signed statement by the client for usage of their personal data


·       Cash withdrawal from ATM or counters of TTK Bank 1,5% + 100 mkd

·       Cash withdrawal from ATM or counters from other banks in the country 3% + 150 mkd

·       Cash withdrawal from ATM or counters from other banks abroad 3,5 % + 200 mkd

·       Non-cash payments at POS terminals – without commission  


·       Yearly fee for additional card 2.400 mkd on 12 installments (customer free of charge for the first year of newly approved loans in promotional period up till 31.12.2013)

·       Free of charge for turnover in trade above 150.000 mkd.

Additional expenses

·       Emergency card  2.000,00 mkd

·       Reissuing card of lost, stolen or damaged card  600,00 mkd

·       Cancelation of card after the agreed period 600,00 mkd

·       Reissuing PIN code 200,00 mkd

·       De-block PIN code 100,00  mkd

·       Monthly report sent by post-no commission

Interest rate

·       15,15% yearly on the agreed limit;

·       20% yearly for over the agreed limit (legal default rate)

Reason more


·       Visa card are with chip technology that provide more confident and secure data base and prevention from frauds.

·       Simple and fast approach to your money 24 hours daily

·       Cash payment and cash withdraw on ATM and counters in the country and abroad

·       Lowering the risk of carrying cash

·       Lowering the time for going in bank

·       Secure payment with your PIN code

For the provided basic and additional services, TTK Bank charges commissions according to the Tariff for commission for services provided by TTK Bank.



Contact Person:

Goran Tomovski

Head of Corporate banking Deparment

Commercial Banking Division

Tel. 02/ 32 47 000 ext. 459

E-mail. goran.tomovski@ttk.com.mk


Olivera Naumovska

Head of Back office unit - retail

Back Office  Department

Tel. 02/ 32 47 000 ext. 009

E-mail. olivera.naumovska@ttk.com.mk



*Changes valid from 1.1.2013

* Last update of the web site 3.11.2015

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