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Corporate social responsibility

TTK Bank s.c. Skopje with its strategy to seek sponsorships and donations, attempts to support and promote the values that bank represent in the work: trust, tradition, comfort, enthusiasm, experience and knowledge, innovation, team spirit and professionalism.
TTK Bank is one of the founders of the first Business Leadership Forum in the Republic of Macedonia, which unites all socially responsible companies.

TTK Bank s.c. Skopje supports the cultivation and promotion of our rich musical, theater, film, art and folk traditions, as well as expansion of cultural knowledge and exchange of cultural values.

Science and education
Without education there would be no professionalism which is one of the basic features of TTK Bank s.c. Skopje. We believe that our bank every penny invested in education and science is an investment in our progress and prosperity.

With its commitment to support sports in Macedonia, TTK Bank s.c. Skopje puts emphasis on the importance of team spirit and competitive and achieving results.

Charitable donations
Caring for vulnerable individuals and donations to people that are most needed is a priority of TTK Bank s.c. Skopje working in this environment and feeling like part of the whole community, all desire to live in good health and prosperity.

Investment in community
TTK Bank s.c. Skopje is an institution with high social responsibility awareness that cares for the environment in which we live and work and built strong ties of friendship and cooperation with institutions of social and economic community development.

Send inquiry for sponsorship or donation
Marketing and product development  Department of TTK Bank will respond promptly to your request.

Marketing and product development Department
19a Naroden Front str.
1000 Skopje, R. Macedonia
Tel. +389 2 32 47 000 ext. 433
Fax. +389 2 31 31 387


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