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Safe deposit box services

Target group

  • Legal entities


  • Keeping cash and non-cash deposits, securities, etc.

Documents required

  • Current balance issued by the Central Registry of the Republic of Macedonia (if the legal entity is not TTK Bank’s client)
  • Authorized signatories card (if the legal entity is not TTK Bank’s client)
  • MKD account


  • No limitations


  •  Compensation keeping cash and non-cash deposit  

- open cash deposit  - 1,95% of value annually (min. 110 MKD) anticipative semi-annual calculation;

- open cash deposit serving as loan collateral no compensation,- open non-cash deposit - 2,9% of value annually (min. 110 MKD) anticipative;

- closed sealed non-cash deposits with marked value -  3,9 % of value annually (min. 110 MKD) anticipative semi-annual calculation;

- closed sealed non-cash deposits without marked value -  100 MKD for each iniated kilogram;

-deposited bills of exchange, bonds and other securities - 4,87% of value (min. 110 MKD);

- deposited bonds and securities issued from the Bank -  without compensation;

- sealed non-cash deposits reserve keys – 100 MKD monthly, anticipative semi-annual calculation;

- deposited savings books -  50 MKD.


Renting of safe deposit boxes in Branch Tetovo, 2b Ilindenska street, Tetovo (in accordance with the safe deposit box’s dimensions)

Branch Tetovo

Annual commission

(VAT included)

110 x 330 x 500

2.500 MKD

165 х 330 х 500

3.200 MKD

330 х 330 х 500

3.800 MKD

660 х 330 х 500

6.300 MKD

Notice: Renting of safe deposit boxes can not be shorter than 30 days.

The rent is paid in advance, for each initiated month is considered as a full month.

In case the safe deposit box is not used, the Bank’s Manager can lower the compensation amount for 30%.


  • Data regarding assets deposited in the Bank are treated as business discretion.  


  •  Safe place for depositing and keeping of your valuables.

Contact Person:

Radomir Ristovski

Head of Treasury Unit

Tel. 02/ 32 47 000 ext. 413

E-mail. radomir.ristovski@ttk.com.mk



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