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Starting from 01.01.2011, TTK Bank has made changes in the active and passive interest rates for individuals.
New, more favorable conditions for Visa Classic credit cards of TTK Bank, starting from 01.06.2011. From now on, the users of credit cards of TTK Bank can enjoy the benefits, offered with the credit cards: lower interest rate, more favorable collateral, competitive commissions and use discounts at shops - partners of TTK Bank.
In intercept of the summer vacations, TTK Bank has introduced new, attractive travel loan that offers to clients more easily and faster to get to their desired destination!
TTK Bank is celebrating 5 years anniversary by being under the new name of the bank. On 01 July 2006, TTK Bank was formed with merging of the two banks with 50 years of tradition – Tetovska and Teteks Kreditna Banka. In the meantime, the bank has been working on expanding the network and today, TTK Bank is presence on 29 locations all over the country, offering high professional service to customers. In conditions where the banking sector is developing very fast and there is a presence of new brands from the banking sector, TTK Bank as a dominant domestic bank aims in strategic building its image of stable bank that is giving its support to ones that are needed.

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