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For the first time in Macedonia it is organized Start up weekend, weekend full of entrepreneurial ideas and opportunities for realization of creative and unique ideas from the contests. The event will be held from 24 – 26 June 2011 in Skopje, in organization of PSM Foundation by license from the non-profit organization Start up weekend from Sietel, Washington.
In correlation with the 40th anniversary of the special elementary school “Idnina” from Skopje, it was organizes manifestation on which it were given special appreciations to individuals, institutions and companies that gave special contribution in affirmation the school.
In correlation with its dedication in supporting the cultural heritage, followed by the positive experience from the last year, TTK Bank also and this year is giving its support to one of the most important cultural manifestation in Macedonia, the “Ohrid summer Festival 2011”. The inauguration of the 51 edition from this manifestation was held on 12.07.2011 with the spectacular multimedia project, the composition “Trilogia Romana”.
On 29 May 2011, was held the 30th edition of the manifestation “Titov Vrv 2011”, with climbing at the highest point of Shar Planina in organization of the climbing club “Ljuboten” – Tetovo and support from the general sponsor of the event, TTK Bank sc Skopje. The manifestation is part from the celebration of the “Europe day” organized by the EU Office in R. Macedonia. Climbing at the highest point of Shar Planina at 2474 meters represents real challenge to all sports fans.
For the third time, the Slovenian – Macedonian business club is promoting the Slovenian and Macedonian economy by organizing road shows all over the country, visiting several municipalities. This year, at the square of Kumanovo it was promoted the successful cooperation between Slovenia and Macedonia as well as the members of the club allowing them to collaborate, an opportunity to expand their business and to achieve direct communication with the customers.

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