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Corporate bankingE-banking

Electronic banking for legal entities


E-banking lets you and your company banking activities to pursue at any time and place. This service can be used at any time during the day, regardless of working hours of the bank. This modern and safe way of communicating and working with the bank not only will save the precious time, but you reduce costs: customers who use e-banking pay 30% lower fees for services in the domestic payment operations. Accounting agencies that use electronic banking services have the opportunity to work on the accounts of several entities at the same time.


To use the electronic banking service you need to

·       To open a current account in TTK Bank, which will run the operation

·       Select banking package that most suits the needs of your enterprise

·       Contract for this service

·       Provide necessary support system


E-banking service allows you to

·       Access to accounts through e-channels: phone or fax, mobile phone, Internet (e-mail, web, FX clients)

·       Review the current status of your account

·       Records the inflow and outflow of funds

·       Statement (option ordered deliveries be required intervals)

·       Execution of an order in favor of the recipient's bank or another bank in Macedonia (house payment)

·       Records of orders

·       Information to change the status of the order to transfer


Documents Required

·       Current state issued by the Central Registry of RM (if the legal person is a customer of the bank)

·       Cardboard of deposited signatures (if the legal person is not a customer of the bank)

·       MKD account for performing payment operations in the country.



·       Issuing a digital certificate - no fee

·       Reissuing a digital certificate - no fee

·       Transactions made through internal clearing

·       Orders up to 15,000.00 mkd - 6 mkd on order

·       Orders up to 15,000.00 mkd- 10 mkd on order

·       Transactions made through KIBS

·       Orders up to 12 pm, max.amount 15,000.00 mkd - 8mkd on order

·       Orders up to 12 pm, over 15,000.00mkd - 8mkd on order

·       Orders after 12 pm, max.amount 15,000.00 mkd- 12mkd on order

·       Orders after 12 pm, over 15,000.00mkd - 12mkd on order

·       Transactions executed through MIPS

·       Orders up to 12 pm - 65 mkd on order

·       Orders after 12 pm - 65 mkd on order


Contact Person:

Aleksandra Stojmanovska

Head of Domestic and international payment operations Unit

Branch network Department

Tel. 02/ 32 47 000 ext. 425

E-mail. aleksandra.stojmanovska@ttk.com.mk


Aleksandar Stojanovski

Data base Administrator

IT Department

Tel. 02/ 32 47 000 ext. 011

E-mail. aleksandar.stojanovski@ttk.com.mk


Vasil Kirov

Junior IT Consultant

IT Department

Tel. 02/ 32 47 000 ext. 034

E-mail. vasil.kirov@ttk.com.mk


* Last update of the web site on 3.11.2015.

System support

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