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Simple way to your pension



Current account for pensioners


Applying for current account at TTK Bank is fast and simple. All you need to do is to visit one of the  business units of TTK Bank and you will be served by our highly professional employees.


Benefits from opening a current account at TTK Bank


·         Using your money at any time;

·         You will receive T-Debit card with free of charge membership for the first year and you can use that card at many selling points;

·         Allowed overdraft amount;

·         Automatically paying your bills through standing order, without visiting the branches of TTK Bank

·         You have the ability to use the credit products from TTK Bank

·         Saving in all valuates, at any period, planned, every month, without visiting the branches of TTK Bank by only using the product “Saving Plan”.


Target group


·          Domestic individual entities

·          Entities of R. Macedonia that are in pension.


Documents required


·          Identification documents (valid ID or passport)



Contact Person:

Aleksandra Stojmanovska

Head of Domestic and international payment operations Unit

Branch network Department

Tel. 02/ 32 47 000 ext. 425

E-mail. aleksandra.stojmanovska@ttk.com.mk

Copyright ТТК БАНКА АД Скопје Народен Фронт 19А 1000 Скопје тел/факс: 02/3236-400 e-mail: ttk@ttk.com.mk мапа на сајтот предупредување