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TTK Bank has received "Different but still equal" award


On 7th of December at the Universal Hall in Skopje, the traditional manifestation “Different but still equal” has taken place, in organization of the Agency “Detla Exclusive”. During the event, rewards were given to individuals, organizations and companies that contributed in affording easier life to people with special needs.


For its contribution in investing in the society and support of institutions, organizations and individuals, TTK Bank has received the reward “Different but still equal”. The reward was given to Mr. Dragoljub Arsovski, Head of Board of Directors of TTK Bank. “TTK Bank is middle bank but has big heart! The employees in TTK Bank have the opinion that it should be helped every moment and as more as it is possible. We can’t change the future, but we can change the habits that will change the future” – stated Mr. Arsovski.


In correlation with its dedication of supporting the people that are needed, TTK Bank has realized a program for donation that included different phases and included projects for supporting activities and events that have the goal to promote the importance of normal development of children, healthy way of life, education to the youngest, easier socialization of people with special needs, as well support the organizations and institutions that are contribution in affording normal functioning and normal development of people with special needs.





“Different but still equal” is a manifestation dedicated to the small but big people. As Mr. Igor Dzambazov stated: “They can also be normal students, know how to fight for the colors of our country at world championships, to make achievements as now one have the courage to make. And they as well, can contribute and be useful for this society.”


TTK Bank will continue in the future to give hope to those that are needs, equal possibilities to people that are different but still equal, love and care to the youngest, by having the goal of successful incorporating in the society where everybody should have equal rights.

Copyright ТТК БАНКА АД Скопје Народен Фронт 19А 1000 Скопје тел/факс: 02/3236-400 e-mail: ttk@ttk.com.mk мапа на сајтот предупредување