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Auto loans


Do you want your old car to change with a new one? Or maybe you want to buy another one? How about new motorbike? Make your wishes come true by applying for auto loan from TTK Bank and enjoy in the ride!



Target group

·      Citizens of R. Macedonia, professionally engaged individuals over 18 years of age, permanently employed or employed on fixed period (if the agreement is renewed on continues basis in the last 2 years or if the agreement covers the payment period of the loan), people that are employed in public institutions, joint stock companies and profitable private companies.

·       Individuals that receive/don’t receive salary/pension in TTK Bank


- Depends on credit ability of the applicant.


MKD with clausal in foreign currency.


Payment period

For new vehicles

·       12-72 months for vehicle

·       12-60 months for motorbikes

For old vehicles

·       Years of the vehicle + payment period of the loan <= 72 months (6 years)

·       5 years of the vehicle + 1 year payment period of the loan

·       4 years of the vehicle + 2 years payment period of the loan

·       3 years of the vehicle + 3 years payment period of the loan

·       2 years of the vehicle + 4 years payment period of the loan

·       1 year of the vehicle + 5 years payment period of the loan

Interest rate           
- 7,90%
yearly interest rate for buying vehicles in MKD with clausal in foreign currency. rte 8,90%
yearly interest rate for loans in MKD, for clients of TTK Bank, rte 11,20%

-10,50% yearly interest rate for loans in MKD, for individuals that are not clients of TTK Bank, rte 11,76%
Default interest rate 8,123% for loans in MKD with clausal in foreign currency

- Default interest rate 11,50%for loans in MKD (legal default) for matured but not paid liabilities.


- Without fee for loan application

- 7.500 mkd, fixed administrative expense;

- For administrating the loan, 0,20% for the rest  of the loan (yearly), max.5.000 mkd
For pre-matured full liquidation, no fee

For pre-matured part liquidation, no fee
Notary provision

- Provision for signing the vehicle that is matter of pledge in register.
Casco insurance for the vehicle.


Property rights of the Bank for the pledge until it is completely paid;
Casco insurance policy with franchise of 500 EUR for the pledge with endorsement restriction in use of the Bank;
Administrative ban and statement signed by the user;
Bill of exchange and Statement of bill of exchange;


Monthly annuities
Peer annuities that should be paid every 1th of the month;


Other terms
Annuity/salary=1/3 for individuals that are not clients of the bank.

Minimum monthly salary should be 6.500 mkd.

Maximum age of the loan applicant should be more than 70 years old at the last annuity.


Documents required

·         Loan application;

·         Copy from valid ID or passport from the applicant;

·         Copy from last paid bill, for example: bill for water, telephone or electricity from the applicant;

·         Certificate for permanent employment, salary and liabilities from salary for the applicant and the endorsers, signed by the employer (not older than 30 days) and for the clients that are employed in private company, PP53 application (Declaration from Public Revenue Office) for the last three months (for the applicant and the endorsers) and account solvency from the Bank where they are clients (not necessary for TTK clients);

·          For pensioners, last check from pension;

·          Pre-invoice from the Auto dealer from where the vehicle is bought;  

·          Depending from the marriage status, the applicant should present:

            ·          For people that are in marriage copy from Marriage Certificate (not older than 6 months) or Statement from Ministry of Internal Affairs, that there aren’t any changes in the marriage certificates.

            ·          For people that are not in marriage – Birth certificate.

·          Evidence that the vehicle is not already in pledge;

·         Casco insurance policy for the vehicle that is under mortgage with endorsement restriction in use of the Bank, yearly for the hall period of the loan liquidation.






Payment period

Interest rate


Monthly annuity

8.000 €

72 months



140 €

10.000 €

72 months



175 €

500.000 mkd

72 months



9.262 mkd

600.000 mkd

72 months



11.115 mkd

500.000 mkd

72 months



9.389 mkd

600.000 mkd

72 months



11.266 mkd




Contact Person:

Bojan Shterjovski 
Head of Retail Unit
Branch network Department
Tel. 02/ 32 47 000 ext. 480
E-mail. bojan.sterjovski@ttk.com.mk



*  Last update of the web site 26.11.2015

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