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Starting from 01.02.2010, TTK Bank is lowering the interest rates on loans for individuals and corporate people. TTK Bank has made a minimal change on interest rates on deposits for individuals and corporate people.
On 7th of December at the Universal Hall in Skopje, the traditional manifestation “Different but still equal” has taken place, in organization of the Agency “Detla Exclusive”. During the event, rewards were given to individuals, organizations and companies that contributed in affording easier life to people with special needs.
The “Global Entrepreneurship Week” represents a global event for promotion and supporting the entrepreneurs, which is held traditionally every year at different locations in the world.
For its membership in the Slovenian – Macedonian Business Club, on TTK Bank it was given a Certificate for active membership in the Club.
On 18 August 2010, TTK Bank release its new sub - branch in Negotino, which brings for an expanding the network on 8 branches and 21 sub branches in R. Macedonia.
In correlation with its dedication in supporting the cultural heritage, TTK Bank announces its presence and support of the 50-th edition of the “Ohrid summer festival 2010” that began on 12.07.2010 and will end on 20.08.2010.
On 29 and 30 May 2010, traditionally was held “Titov Vrv 2010”, in organization of the mountain club “Ljuboten” from Tetovo. 
Ading sc Skopje, Gemak Trejt, Inet, KPMG Macedonia, Macedonian Telecom sc Skopje and TTK Bank on 26 May 2010 at the EU Info Centre established the first Business Leaders Forum in R. Macedonia.
On 27 May in M6-Educational Centre in Skopje, companies from different industries in Macedonia were rewarded for “Leader in corporate social responsibility” in organization of Centre for Institutional Development. The award was given to companies that their work is based on the principles for responsible working and serves as an example for business prosperity and positive changes in the society.
We announce that TTK Bank has done changes on the method of calculating the interest rate on loans, cards and current accounts.

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